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Cayman Islands Offshore Storage Appeal

Offshore Storage in the Cayman Islands

Offshore storage in the Cayman Islands is a wise choice. The Cayman Islands is one of the most beautiful places in the world and not just to vacationers. For anyone interested in securing their wealth, the Cayman Islands provides the best options for wealth storage anywhere in the Western Hemisphere.

Location, Location, Location
The Cayman Islands offers proximity…location, as they say. Many urban centers of the Americas, the entire western hemisphere, North, South, and Central can reach the islands within half a day. All major airlines have a presence in the Cayman’s. These include British Airways, American Airlines, and more. Daily commercial and private flights are conducted out of Owen Roberts International Airport, located in Georgetown, Grand Cayman. As for our location? Less than one kilometer from the airport. Very convenient.

Discretion Assured
Because our facility is privately operated and not designated a financial institution, there are no financial-reporting regulations. Neither the Cayman Islands nor any other governing body has access to your wealth and possessions.

Taxes and Tariff’s
Part of the appeal of the Cayman Islands is its tax structure. There are no direct taxes. In fact, there are no…

  • Income taxes
  • Sales taxes
  • Capital gains tax
  • Inheritance tax
  • VATs (value added tax)

Furthermore, precious metals entering or exiting the country have no tariffs levied. And with no VATs, there are no taxes on the storage.

Financial Strength
Although the Cayman Islands encompass a small percentage of the land-mass of the world, it holds a far greater share of the wealth. Coming in at number five among global financial centers, the finance industry is the prime industry. Both the people governing and the people governed understand that economic freedom is vital to remaining at the top.

When you decide to secure your valuables, precious metals, and other such items in the Cayman Islands, you are choosing wisely.

Stable Politically
As a British territory, the Cayman Islands have a very stable, modern system. Both the political and legal systems are backed by the United Kingdom, both in law and fact. Military forces are maintained in the Caymans, further enhancing security. The infrastructure required to be a financial bastion and provide world-class financial services is the best in the western hemisphere.

Officially Neutral
Part of the reason the Cayman Islands have such a strong base for financial services lay in its official stance of neutrality. Regardless of the global dispute, strict neutrality is exercised at every level of government and business.